Paintings ©Copyright Lynne Marie Viviano 2005

                    SCROLL DOWN AND UNDER FOR







As an independent scholar of Women's Spirituality for 13 years, I have been excavating and absorbing truths of her-story through my studies, trips to Sicily and paying special attention to synchronisities. Case in point, starting May 27, 2005, I had been on a committee to renovate our condo association’s swimming pool. That renovation emerged an idea to shoot the entire process for a family photo album dedicated to my father, Sam Farella entitled, The Death and Rebirth of Grandpa Farella’s Swimming Pool.  However, to my surprise,  ancient images emerged on to the photos, and the title changed to The Excavation of the Sicilian American Goddess at the Bottom of the Pool

On July 23, 2005, my birthday, my artist friend, Lynne Marie Viviano, arrived at my door with a gift of  what we call “photo paintings.”  This fine artist took it upon herself to print my photos and brought out the images in the stairs, walls and water, by painting on top of my photos! There they were! A soulful collage of diversity in faces, animals, and sea life.  What did they want? Was the 911 pool warning sign trying to warn us of a devastating Southern California Desert Earthquake?

Ultimately, on August 29, 2005 we had around a dozen paintings of the souls who showed up confirming with great demand to be re-titled the Pool Premonitions of Katrina after we viewed the news bulletin on national television!  Here we have wonderful sacred males/gynecologists getting the pool/womb ready to receive the wonderful souls, in the walls and in the stairs! It’s funny.....or not so funny that most of the photos in media on Katrina always print the stairs as the only remains of a Katrina damaged home.  What about Sean, the pool manager who I met a year later asking permission to shoot the pool he was working on because I lost the last roll of film documenting the plastering/rebirth segment of my pool?  This meeting led me only to learn that his mother passed away in New Orleans around the same time my Father died in Chicago! Oh yes, there’s so many synchronisities linked to this project! Two years after the Katrina tragedy, a wonderful Sicilian folk vocalist, Michela Musalino caught my website and sent me an email, “What are you doing on those temple stairs?! I sang on that temple...there’s so much magic there!” That image of me on that temple was taken in August 2000 in Sicily. I have many pictures of me on temple stairs, however when I looked it up on the internet, it said that temple was dedicated to Empedocoles, a philosopher who created the theory of transmigration of souls!


This multimedia slideshow presentation, documents the unconscious “knowing” excavated and channelled messages from beyond with regard to violence. Violence due to imbalances on our once sacred mother earth, socially, economically, and environmentally.  Lynne Marie Vivano said, “ I painted on the photos in the places where I could not see so that I can SEE, and discovered these beautiful soul faces. I paid attention!”  This presentation, though armed with much symbology, find viewers devoid of prerequisite information,  go away in tears saying, "I'm crying and I don't know why?"


My journey through the wake of our current wave of violence Welcome page and read AIHA 2005 UCLA conference paper) is becoming status quo on our planet. However, I also see a wave of human kind from all disciplines attempting to find a cause in order to begin the healing.


For instance, my journey began with Susan Caperna Lloyd introduced me to the inception of the Goddess in me through, No Pictures For My Grave, sending me straight to Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum, three time multiethnic award winner feminist historian writer’s dark mother,african origins and godmothers.


Dalai Lama's latest effort, The Universe In a Single Atom: The Convergence of Science and Spirituality. A timely piece of work during the uneasy times of "religion vs. science and faith vs. empirical enquiry." as written by Nobel Peace Prize winner, Tenzin Guyatso. This amazing work Dalai Lama so eloquently achieves with honesty and respect, bridges the gap by finding the parallels and commonalties as opposed to the differences!


Another example, From Wise Guys to Wise Men, Fred L. Gardaphe, State University of New York, Director of Italian American Studies, writes about the current transformation of the gangster. He says, "Patriarchal Society is built and organized around the performance of physical power," as opposed to "psychological power exercised through the act of listening, absorbing information and formulating responses based on analysis." Thus we have a new millennium  TV Tony Soprano excavating his demons in therapy! For me, as a Sicilian American, his work surely conveys a message of change!


The July/August 2006 issue of Archaeology Magazine kicked out a cover story entitled, "In The Wake of Katrina: A New Look At The Centuries Of Disaster in New Orleans." written by Shannon Lee Dawdy, an assistant professor from the University of Chicago anthropology department. It shot through my mail slot in the middle of a production session of "Pool Premonitions" yet right on time for a break to absorb some new information for the very project we were working on. There she was, a sister folk from my hometown commissioned to New Orleans to excavate some truths on this ravaged land.  I was so impressed with how she used her scientific mind coupled with her emotions and intuition, trekking into the past in order to assist in reconstructing the future of New Orleans!

Recently at the recommendation of our Desert Sun reviewer, I viewed WTC. The movie was a 2 hour and nine minute roller coaster ride of emotions exhibiting the relentless compassion and mutual nurturence of two police officers trapped at the bottom of the elevator shaft in the Tower, keeping their spirits alive in order to stay alive. Driving home my heart raced as I harked back many years ago taking a public relations seminar in my hometown of Chicago, targeting a study concept of "time peg," when I was pounding the pavement and chasing the illusive dream of getting a major record deal. Being 50 something, those days are gone, however my evolution as an artist has taken a new path in which today, World Trade Center has brought the clarity, confirmation and courage to deliverLast and certainly not least James Redfield has brought his book of 13 years ago to new life in the movie adaptation of Celestine Prophecy, reminding me of my first lessons in synchronicity Today November 27. 2011 I must add new psycho synchro info that Mario Frangoulis,  passionate vocalist on Hijo de la Luna, gives nurturance to children less fortunate than he as he felt the separation of “the mother’ his home in Africa when he was taken to Greece.

Targeting these volatile aspects in the forms of earth, wind, fire, water and left brain ego, we have Dalai Lama, Lucia Birnbaum, Fred Gardaphe and others writing books, Oliver Stone kicks out a film of compassion rather than political controversy, hundreds of scientists like Shannon Lee Dawdy are out there excavating the bodies and artifacts while Lynne and I have been collecting the souls at the bottom of a swimming pool which led me to the The Calandra Institute who sponsored the Saving Venice/Protecting New Orleans Conference in 2009, ultimately dropping me into the EYE of the sacred Scirocco, and the discovery of the Theft of Santa Lucia!  They say the California desert is a healer, and I’m convinced these souls swam from the east coast to the Southern California desert.  I would like to invite you to meet them in viewing this project of love, compassion, and lessons for our future healing via synthesis of art, science, and spirituality. You may even recognize a few.  For they have much to say! Give us SANTA LUCIA!